Poets And Poetry Lovers Alike Lament Loss Of ‘the Writer’s Almanac’

She’s from upstate and so to New York City residents, she is a complete mystery, as a Martian would be or a Mennonite, and this seems like a chance for everyone to get a fresh start and focus on the environment, health care, education, public safety, rather than the inappropriateness of commenting on a woman’s outfit. For years Governor Hochul served as an anonymous lieutenant governor to a man who hogged the stage, sang, danced, conducted the band, a man for whom public attention was oxygen. And then in short order he became a man whom people were thoroughly tired of reading about, or reading about anything that sounded like him, such as glaucoma, homogeneity, or combovers.

Promo video for purpose of booking is available here. The biblical allotment is seventy and after that you’re on the down escalator, a drain on the economy, a waste of space, you have little stake in the future and are voting for the past, you’re slowing down and becoming an obstruction. So the young are hinting it’s time to take the long walk across the ice fields and disappear. The cast of characters has been around half my life, the rhetoric is old as the granite hills, our leaders are phoning it in.

The fact that the mayor was there was of slight importance. Mayors do not draw crowds anymore, if they ever did, they try to follow them. Had someone given me a book, nicely wrapped, it would’ve been a burden, but the word “disarray” was perfect.

In November 2017, after allegations of inappropriate behavior by Keillor toward an individual who worked for him on a freelance basis, Minnesota Public Radio terminated its contracts with him and his private media companies. This effectively ended the distribution and broadcast of The Writer’s Almanac via public radio, as well as rebroadcasts of Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion. He and his wife Jenny Lind Nilsson live in Minneapolis, not far from the YMCA where he was sent for swimming lessons at age 12 after his cousin drowned, and he skipped the lessons and went to the public library instead and to a radio studio to watch a noontime show with singers and a band.

George Eastman received a patent for the first film camera, which he called Kodak, on this date in 1888. The Writer’s Almanac – Wednesday, September 1, 2021 This day, 1773, Phillis Wheatley published “Poems on Various Subjects Religious and Moral,” the first book ever published by a former American slave. Get official Apple, Google and Spotify badges to link to this podcast, or get a magic link for social media. MPR has ended our contract with the company that owns the rights for production and public distribution of The Writers Almanac and MPR no longer has the rights to post the archives. Louisa May Alcott started writing poems and submitting them to periodicals.

The Writer’s Almanac With Garrison Keillor A Poem Each Day, Plus Literary And Historical Notes From This Day In History

The country seems divided and so it takes forever to get basic stuff done and the sniping is ferocious and politicians don’t dare exhibit humor in public. As they say in Denmark, “Shut up and be beautiful.” I think about the beef taco I had for lunch and the salad with fresh tomato and basil, a very self-accepting cucumber, and a beautiful sliced onion, not a bitter resentful onion but an exuberant one. I think it may have started out as a cabbage but it transferred out of the program, wanting to be a root, and met other onions, experimented with different dressings and finally settled on straight oil/vinegar with ground pepper. I used to have countless readers and now here we are, the two of us, peas in a pod. I’ve never suffered from anxiety, I don’t know any QAnon people and I don’t have COVID, so I am going to skip complaining today. There is a limit to how much punishment people are willing to accept before they look around and consider greener pastures and meanwhile, in St. Paul, people thronged to the State Fair, devouring cheese curds and bratwursts, admiring the livestock and enjoying powerful centrifugal experiences.

The Writer’s Almanac is able to use the above tools since its podcast host or measurement company offers this service. It doesn’t mean that this individual podcast uses them, or has access to this functionality. Following allegations of inappropriate behavior against Garrison Keillor, Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media are severing ties with Keillor. MPR’s weekly music and variety show with host Chris Thile will continue broadcast but will be renamed.

American Public Media has discontinued production and distribution of The Writer’s Almanac effective immediately, amid reported allegations of inappropriate behavior between Garrison Keillor and an individual that worked for him. For more information, please see the announcement from American Public Media regarding the cancellation. The Web site didn’t have audio until this point. As above, we plan to add to the back catalog as time permits. Bronson Alcott died on March 4, 1888; a few days earlier, bedridden, he had told his visiting daughter Louisa, “I am going up. Come with me.” She replied, “I wish I could.” As it turned out, she followed him just two days later, dying of a stroke at age 55. If you are hosting a show with Garrison, please feel free to use the below press photos for marketing, as well as the below short biography.

Laux is also the author of Awake; What We Carry, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; Smoke; as well as a fine small press edition, The Book of Women. The fastest man in the world is now Lamont Marcell Jacobs of Italy who ran the 100-meter dash in Tokyo in 9.80 seconds, and bravo for him, but when you peak at 26 you face a long descent into normality. You run that fast and you miss a lot such as the woman I saw as I strolled in the park the other day who said into her telephone, “I was not put on this earth in order to make him happy,” which made me happy to hear, a woman who’d gotten a clearer sense of mission. The word from back home is that the sweet corn is not as good as hoped for due to the lack of rain at crucial junctures but I’m guessing the truth is that we expect too much of sweet corn, those of us who grew up with big gardens expect it to be redemptive whereas it is only a grain trying to be a vegetable. My father was a postal worker, a federal employee, not easily moved to rapture, but our sweet corn, which was 30 seconds from stalk to boiling pot, husked en route, made him very happy. I turned 79 a week ago and I’m quite satisfied with the promotion.

Each day, The Writer’s Almanacfeatures Garrison Keillor recounting the highlights of this day in history and reading a short poem or two. Each day, The Writer’s Almanac features Garrison Keillor recounting the highlights of this day in history and reading a short poem or two. In 2005 the program was briefly cancelled by Kentucky public radio station WUKY due to concerns about purportedly indecent content in some of the poems. The station reinstated the program after receiving an “outpouring of support” for the show. This program was distributed in APM’s Classical 24 stream and a large percentage of stations that carry it air all or mostly Classical Music during other times.

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The term fine arts encompasses a range of artistic activities and the skills required to carry them out. This is not as easy to define as the term art may initially sound. In European academic tradition, fine arts is generally developed mainly for beauty or aesthetics, often distinguishing it somewhat from other applied or decorative art, and sometimes also from metalwork or pottery, which often has to serve a practical purpose, for example in furniture.

Some cultures tend to regard aesthetic value as more important than utility. Artistic production in this sense is said to have no inherent ‘purpose’, other than to be aesthetically pleasing to the person viewing it. It may serve a practical need and therefore may be a form of communication or resistance, but the end product has no underlying value. In this sense, the term fine arts is sometimes used to describe contemporary art.

Visual art in general is the output of the senses and the result of creative human activity. The output of the visual arts, therefore, cannot be defined as ‘fine arts’ per se, because it is produced without any reference to any underlying aesthetic value. Visual art includes paintings, sculptures, printmaking, and music. The term architecture refers to the assembling of buildings and other types of dwellings. Art therefore covers a wide range of activities that human beings perform both individually and together.

The word fine arts is usually used to refer to non-visual arts such as writing, music, dance, and architecture. These are all involved in the production of communication and information. Music can be considered an extension of the visual arts. Similarly, architecture is a branch of the visual arts. For instance, the design of a museum includes the selection of materials, the production of suitable exhibits, and the organization of the museum itself.

In general the branches of what is fine arts include art education, applied arts, decorative arts, and professional arts. Art education mainly deals with learning the skills necessary for making art. Appraisal, technical, and creative learning are some of the areas of applied arts. The aim of decorative arts is to beautify objects and to make them visually appealing.

It is not easy to give a definition to what is fine arts. A number of schools have taken up the subject. The most common schools are the R. A. Maslow School of Art and Science, the University of Michigan, and the Academy for Art Education. The major part of what is fine arts is related to creative and critical thinking. The other aspects include aesthetics, interpretation, social and communicative aspects, and technical skill.

Fine arts may lead to higher earnings and a higher median salary for artists. This is because of the visual aspect and because people prefer to have artists around them who make things attractive and colorful. Those who are artistic and creative are always in demand for work and this holds true for artists who do not only create beautiful things but those who also doodle as well. An artist’s life span is usually short and he or she will probably be more productive in another field if they continue to work as an artist.

The main difference between fine arts and visual arts is the time span that has been devoted to the creation of art forms. Visual art forms are usually instant and take less time than that of fine arts. There are a number of careers that fall under the category of visual art forms. This includes the art of film, television, digital art, puppetry, and installation art.

The Uptown Theater is a historic theater found in Kansas City, Missouri. The structure has been listed on the National Registry of Historic Properties in the past; however, it is currently listed as a Class A Historic Landmark. This listing is done so to ensure the building is protected from further deterioration.

When the original theaters opened they were constructed of wood and had a very distinctive look. In the 1940’s they were replaced by the modern steel and glass that we know today. In addition to the classic design of the building also featured several bathrooms. The original lobbies contained original paintings and the interior of the theater contained a stage where the famous Lawrence Welk or Elvis Presley performed. The opening night of the Uptown theater was on New Year’s Day in 1970.

The Uptown theater is located on the largest street in Kansas City known as Broadway. Many movies have been shot there including “Dirtyographs” and “My Fair Lady”. Most of the other movies that have been shot in Kansas City have been shot on an uptown location. The majority of these movies that have been shot around the area of uptown are popular for their classic story lines and acting. Many people enjoy watching movies at the Uptown theater; however, the real draw of this location is the food that is served at this venue.

When the movie palaces were first constructed they were designed with the elegance of Europe. The interior was decorated with beautiful furniture and the walls were created in plaster or gypsum. Today, modern conveniences like carpeting, drapes, and wallpaper are used instead of hardwood flooring. However, the movie palaces of the early 1900’s are rarely decorated with anything other than white and cream.

Since the 1970’s the Uptown Theatre has successfully combined the arts with music in a way never seen before in Kansas City. The only major change from earlier stages was the addition of an elevator to allow the more elderly patrons to go from upper level to the lower level of the Palace historical society building. The elevator was added to complement the new changes made to the Palace’s design.

Today, the most commonly found amenities at the Uptown Theatre would be the stage shows, the restaurant, and the bar. Stage shows could include an array of popular artists or any number of local musicians. There is even a small stage for the children’s shows. Many of the theaters now have their own restaurants. Food and drinks served at the restaurants can include barbecue, burgers, steaks, hot dogs, pizzas, or other foods the movie palace would offer.

The other common feature that can be found at the Uptown Theatre are the movie screens. The largest screen found in the entire movie palace is the one for “Easy Rider”. The Uptown has four main screens. Each of these screens offers a different selection of films. Most of the movies are recent releases but there are occasional classics that are played on the Palace’s screens.

Along the same stretch of the Connecticut Avenue Northeast area that houses the Uptown sign, is another popular area of the historic district. This area is referred to as the African-American Arts Market. Much of the food and products that can be found at the market are inspired by the culture and history of the people who lived in Kansas City as it was in the early twentieth century. For shoppers, this section connects to many of the other theaters and venues located in the area. Even some of the attractions found outside the theater complex, such as the zoo, are connected to the theater by bus routes.

Theater of the Sea, located in late 1946, is an artificial marine park dedicated to sea life and natural history. It is located on Windley Key at the Florida Keys. It includes numerous exhibits dealing with marine biology, including saltwater and freshwater fishes, sharks, turtles, and eels. The park also includes a nature center with information about the animals found in the area.

There are two main attractions in Theater of the Sea. The first is the Shamu Stadium, which is large enough to house several football fields. The other is the Dolphin Encounter, which gives scientists the opportunity to see the interaction of bottlenose dolphins with their keeper and other members of their pod. The Dolphin Encounter offers a close-up encounter with these special mammals while watching the stunning beauty of the sea lion, its predatory fish diet, the sunburns of the bottlenose dolphin, and the thousands of fish found in the natural salt water lagoon. Other shows include “Finding Nemo,” “Million Dollar Baby,” and “Jurassic Park.”

The four star hotel, Islamorada Resort & Spa, is located on Windley Key, just off the Florida Keys. The hotel was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who was responsible for the design of many of New York’s luxury hotels. In keeping with the island’s natural beauty, the architecture of the hotel combines natural wood with the marine life featured in the area. The Hotel features a lagoon and sauna facility, a wet bar, and views of the sea from every room window.

The second attraction in Theater of the Sea is the “Dolphin Encounter Marine Mammal Experience.” This hands on experience allows guests the opportunity to bond with one of the most unique species of marine mammals alive today. Guests can swim and feed the wild bottlenose dolphin, view the playful bottlenose dolphin play, watch a trainer carry the dolphin back in a net, take a ride on a dolphin tank, and an experience aboard the whale sharks display.

The third attraction of Theater of the Sea is its interactive nature-based exhibits. Visitors can step into an underwater exhibit that brings to life the mysterious world of the deep sea, including the coral reefs and marine life. The fourth section of this exciting attraction features the magnificent shipwrecks off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. At these sites you will view rare coral reefs, sea lions, manatees, turtles, stingrays, sharks, and a multitude of exotic marine mammals such as the barracudas, pedal whales, giant clams, and the endangered leatherback turtle.

On a hot summer day, the temperatures can reach more than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit in many parts of Florida and the Sea of Cortez is no exception. To get a cool and comfortable feel during your stay at the Sea of Cortez, make sure you visit the Theater of the Sea. The natural environment of the sea allows guests to interact with all types of sea animals, including dugongs, barracudas, and turtles. A gift from your Sea of Cortez vacation to yourself is sure to be cherished by others for years to come!

The fifth and last stop on your journey through the Sea of Cortez to the mainland is the wonderfully named Dolphin Encounter Marine Park. Here, you will meet dolphins in their natural habitat in the Gulf of Mexico. The Dolphin Encounter also includes a bottlenose dolphin show, a dolphin tracking system, and a behind the scenes dolphin encounter experience. As part of this exciting attraction, the park also offers tours of the dolphin lagoon where visitors can observe nursing mothers and calves swimming and feeding.

The Sea of Cortez and the surrounding area have a lot to offer visitors from every corner of the world. The rich history of this area along with the opportunity to see many different marine life are just a few reasons why so many people enjoy staying in hotels near the Sea of Cortez. If you are looking for a place to take your family vacation that is safe and private as well as offers an array of activities, the perfect choice may be a vacation rental in Panama. With a little bit of planning and research, you can find a rental hotel that will provide you and your family with the perfect vacation experience right on your own doorstep. Contact your vacation rental company today to learn more about the type of vacation rentals available in this beautiful region!

Tango trends analysis provides a clear and actionable picture of evolving customer demands in a particular market segment. As a result it helps business owners to proactively manage their sales process, identifying opportunities for expansion, redesigning marketing campaigns, and fine-tuning strategies to achieve measurable business results. An expert consultant will provide you with an assessment of current tango trends based on both internal and external sources. These data are then used to create tailor made strategies, tactics, and programs that meet the goals and objectives of the business.

There are four main categories of tango trends that business owners need to understand and analyze. These categories are: Copyright, Marketing, Collection, and Service. The copyright boom is taking place in Latin America and Europe, driven by new recording technologies such as Juicy Couture and YouTube. A growing number of music artists are exploring the profitable markets of streaming audio and video online, with many more making the plunge into the global marketplace. As a consequence, music artists and their record labels to face increasing competitive pressure from online competitors, who are aggressively marketing exclusive content through services such as YouTube.

To obtain actionable information on the trends in music copyright, marketers must identify the legal jurisdictions in which music performance copyright infringement is typically prosecuted. A tango trends analysis should also identify the legal limitations that apply to tango dancing in each jurisdiction. The Latin American governments that are most aggressive in enforcing copyrights are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, and the United States. While Latin American countries enjoy low rates for music downloads, they have been relatively slow to develop meaningful laws surrounding tango music downloads. Therefore, Latin American governments are not effectively stopping the illegal downloading of copyrighted music.

Marketing research can provide valuable insights into the trends that are occurring in popular social media venues like Facebook, where tango is a top trending topic. In Facebook, users “like” postings that appear in their news feeds and, by shopping for music that is available through popular labels or via iTunes, music fans can download music that is licensed for their devices. The popularity of Facebook and other social media websites has created new opportunities for music artists and their record labels to market through traditional venues that have historically had limited success in securing new music business. Such venues include radio, television, and print. Music copyright infringement through these channels has resulted in minimal deterrent against unauthorized downloading.

As a result, Latin America and Asia are seeing a rapid rise in the number of people downloading pirated copies of new music. Such practices are proving economically disastrous for these emerging markets. Pirated music costs more to produce, and profits are shrinking for music producers. For this reason, Latin America and Asia are experiencing a pronounced contraction in music industry revenues. This trend is likely to continue in light of the slowing economy in China and the United States.

Latin America and Asia are also experiencing an increase in the number of Internet users. Internet users are spending more time on popular social networking sites and messaging platforms than on conventional news portals or newspapers. Latin America and Asia are also experiencing a surge in the number of people traveling to the United States or other Western countries in pursuit of higher wages and higher living standards.

In light of these factors, it is unlikely that Latin America and Asia will slow down their love affair with tango. Both of these markets are increasing their demand for tango music, especially since tango is just now gaining widespread popularity in the United States and other Western countries. With globalization and the spread of information technology, the global reach of the internet has increased the opportunity for Latin American and Asian consumers to purchase music online. Online sales of music have accounted for a large percentage of total recorded album sales for the last five years.

Latin America and Asia are experiencing a large number of single mothers and a decrease in traditional gender roles have combined to create an increased need for music by and about single women. The increased availability of high-end electronics and the decline in real estate values across these markets have created excellent opportunities for those with musical talent. These tango trends are only going to grow and evolve as more people embrace the sensual beauty of Latin and Balearic music. In fact, it is quite likely that we will see greater tango music sales in North America over the next few years, as more Americans become familiar with this seductive genre.

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However, there are some drawbacks of the smart music player. First, the quality of audio is not very good. Second, some of the functions of the smart music player are not very useful. On the other hand, other iPod users can take full advantage of its features. So, it is really worth to invest in this product because it is cheaper than the other similar products on the market.

Relaxing music is perfect for stress, fatigue, insomnia and sore muscles. It works best when you rest, study, meditate, read or sit in the spa. It even works wonders for babies and small children. Listening to calming music, with melodic sounds and relaxing music, will relax your soul and mind.

The soothing sound of nature scenes and calm waters have a tendency to calm the body and mind. In fact, listening to nature scenes or quiet rivers and pools has been found to relieve anxiety and tension. Relaxing music, meditation and yoga can help you achieve a state of relaxation. Yoga and meditation trains the mind to concentrate and calm the body while listening to relaxing music. Nature scenes can help you achieve peace of mind by inducing a feeling of serenity and tranquility. It helps you clear your mind of all your worries and troubles.

Relaxing music helps in deep breathing, which gives you a more relaxed feeling. Listening to music helps you calm down and take your attention of the present moment. It is advised not to listen to the same soothing song repeatedly. Repeating a relaxing song like a mantra gives your body and mind a chance to memorize the melody and repetition is known to enhance concentration and relaxation.

Meditating is also a great way of relaxation music. Meditation involves sitting or lying comfortably, closing your eyes and gently massaging your temples and forehead. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth are also essential steps in meditation. Deep breathing helps you get rid of all your tensions.

Listening to nature sounds and relaxing music regularly can also improve your state of relaxation. Nature sounds help you calm down after a long day’s work or stress. Listening to the natural sounds will help you regain your calm and revive your spirit. Listening to nature sounds recordings while doing meditation or yoga, as well as while driving your car, will help you a lot. Music can be your best friend and your best source of relaxation. It can calm down your senses and distract you from the happenings around you.

Most people enjoy listening to soothing music. But in order to achieve relaxation, listening to soothing music need not be continuous. Daily listening to some kind of music can do wonders to your overall relaxation. Listening to instrumental or classical music during meditation is recommended. This will help you drift into a state of inner peace. Classical and instrumental music for meditation is especially helpful.

Listening to instrumental songs or chimes while cooking meals relaxes the mind and body. They help in relaxation of the mind while listening to the sound of the music. Listening to soothing music helps in falling asleep fast and sleep through the night. It will take you to a world of rest and relaxation. Listening to instrumental recordings when cooking meals relaxes the mind of the person and encourages him to prepare healthy and tasty meals.

Relaxing music can induce the feeling of calmness and tranquility and enables a person to fall asleep faster and comfortably. Listening to nature music, especially instrumental ones, facilitates deep breathing and relaxation. Listening to such recordings while doing meditation and yoga, takes one to a world of relaxation and serenity. Nature sounds are relaxing and have therapeutic effects on the mind and body. Thus, listening to nature music regularly promotes relaxation all round.

Studies have shown that regular listening to nature music induces the brain to release chemicals called endorphins. These hormones act as natural mood enhancers and induce a state of inner peace and calmness. Endorphins are also known as the “happy hormones”. When these hormones enter the body, it increases the blood pressure and heart rate. When they leave the body, it decreases the blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, relaxation and inner peace are increased when listening to instrumental and nature music.

The above mentioned benefits are possible only when the listening sessions are conducted in a relaxed and peaceful environment. If the surroundings are bustling with activity, the process of listening to calming music becomes difficult and sometimes impossible. To make the process of meditation and relaxation effective, one should stay fully awake and focus on the task at hand. In order to maintain attention, the brain should register thoughts and remain focused on the task till its completion. While listening to soothing music, the process of focusing on the task is enhanced. Since listening to soothing music helps in concentration and relaxation, listening to it becomes easy.

Achieving inner peace and relaxation through meditation and music can be achieved by varying the time period and the kind of music listened to. A person can listen to relaxing music while lying on the bed, taking a walk or while cooking dinner. A mix of various soothing music can be used for meditation. Nature sounds, instrumental, melodious, peaceful and romantic songs are some of the most effective meditation tracks that help in inducing a state of relaxation and calmness. The quality and quantity of the music should also be taken into consideration while listening as too much of any track can reduce the effectiveness of the entire meditation process.

To the beginner of English literature, an outline may seem like a hassle. Why am I saying this? Because an outline can simplify writing, giving you time to think about your ideas and prepare your paragraphs. This can take time, but can be very rewarding. Here are some tips for writing an outline of your prose in literature.

An introduction is the most important part of any piece of literature. A preface establishes the author’s role in the work and explains what the reader should expect to find in it. It usually describes the theme, purpose, and general direction of the work. Although it does not have to be a lengthy preface, it should be written in the form of a nutshell – a quick introduction to your work that provides a context and some important ideas.

Metrical structure is divided into four parts: rhyme, rhythm, meter, and structure. Of these, only the last two require literary skills. Although most poetry relies on poetic meter, most good literature relies on the third type, which literary critics call the metrical type. This type of literary organization depends on the action of the story or poem and its emotional effect on the reader.

The use of verse in literature is limited to a few selected instances, such as in sonnets and epics. However, there is no reason that your prose cannot also make use of verse. In fact, it is a proven fact that many great works of literature were written (and still being written) as prose. Some examples are Ulysses, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and The Divine Comedy.

Metaphor is one of the most common examples of a literary device. It refers to the associative association, the writer has with a particular object, person, idea, or situation. We see this most clearly in books like Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare.” In these novels, the readers are forced to think along the lines of the story, using the words of the characters to describe and explain things to them.

Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare” is a classic example of the use of this technique. The work contains a number of parodies, as well as a number of stanza, each divided into three parts, each of which is told in turn and told with increasing concord and rhyme. As is the case in poetry, a poet may use alliteration to greater advantage than in making a literary work that uses verse as a literary device, Aesop uses the rhythmic structure of his prose to greater effect.

Another famous example of a literary device in prose is Mark Twain’s use of” commonplace” in his “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” For Twain, commonplace is “a mode of easy, conversational, unvarnished talk, so entirely different from the technical and painstaking style of the technical writer, that the one classed with the technical writers as commonplace writers had to be the popular and commonplace writers.” Although the “rhetorical devices” of” commonplace” were later on determinedly refined and categorized as “deeper shades of aesthetic desire,” it was not till much later that the “rhetorical devices” were made use of by “the popular and commonplace writers.” In other words, even in the early days of literature, when the “rhetorical devices” were used more for effect than for any other purpose, they were still used as a device to enhance the effect of the stories, where they served as a means of enhancing the quality of the experience of the literary reader, which is, of course, the main purpose of narrative.

Poetry is a literature of individual versed verse. This would mean that each poem is on its own, with all the internal and external differences between it and its antecedents and precursors as determined by their style, meter, rhyme and rhythm. This does not exclude the possibility of having some sort of a rhyme scheme or some sort of anachronistic allusion. However, the forms of rhymes, which were used in Greek and Roman poetry, were of a later invention, and their scope and influence on narrative writing are comparatively small. As regards the forms of modern poetic prose, they have been greatly facilitated by the development of the Internet and the availability of multimedia materials and sound collages.